About us

We are researchers from the University of St Andrew working in the SACHI research group as part of the School of Computer Science.

Dr. Miguel A. Nacentamiguel

Dr. Miguel A. Nacenta is the principal investigator on the Deepview project. He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, where he has been since May 2011, when he co-founded the SACHI research group in the local School of Computer Science.

Miguel’s research interests are focused on developing input and output technology that can extend human capabilities. He is interested in applying perceptual and social principles to novel multi-display, multi-touch, multi-modal, and haptic interfaces. He is also interested in perception. For more information see his full website, or visit his blog.


Michael Mauderermichael

Michael Mauderer is a Ph.D. researcher working on the Deepview project as part of his postgraduate research. He has been with the SACHI group since late 2012, when he began his work with Miguel.

Michael is working at the intersection of perceptual psychology and computer science, where he is trying to use models and results from basic research about human perception to inform the design of novel devices and interaction techniques. For more information visit his Michael’s website.