Gazer is a open source tool, that provides functionality for showcasing light field images using gaze-contingent focus, but is also designed to allow other developer to easily extend it to display other visual data in a gaze-contingent way. The main goal of the Gazer is to provide a starting point for gaze-contingent visualisations. Gazer itself provides an example of how GCDOF can easily be implemented and uses readily available hardware to do so.

Example Lytro image displayed through the Lytro widget

Gazer currently supports the images taken with a Lytro Illum cameras, image stacks and works with Tobii EyeX compatible eye trackers.
Gazer provides functionality to import light field images directly from the Lytro file format and focus stacks from other sources, e.g., rendered using Blender or POVRay. Gazer can save/load this data in a efficient compressed file format. The resulting files can be displayed with an attached Tobii EyeX tracker, or the eye tracking functionality can be mocked with mouse interaction.

An alpha version of Gazer is currently available for Windows (download) and to make it easy for others to use and extend Gazer it is licensed under a open source license (GPL) and available through github.

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